Powered Rubber Finger Belt Cleaner

Problem: Traditional urethane or rubber scraper blade belt cleaners cannot be used on cleated belts.  Nylon-bristled brushes are hard to maintain and can easily get plugged with the material. Solution: Designed a heavy-duty rubber-fingered cleaner that is independently powered using a motor and gearbox.  It is placed under the head pulley where a traditional primary cleaner would …

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Reverse Engineered Idler Frames & Rolls

Problem: Our customer had a tough time sourcing a reliable and well-built custom idler that needed to fit into an existing application. Solution: Divine’s team worked closely with our partnered distributor and end user to engineer a direct replacement; form, fit, and function at a fraction of the cost and OEM’s manufactured lead time!

Steel Cable Sheave With Composite Insert

Problem: The bearings of a large steel cable pulley were worn out and hard to lubricate due to the location and lack of preventative maintenance. Solution: Machined an all-steel housing and steel cable pulley with a totally maintenance-free non-re-lubable composite bearing insert. The PV’s were calculated and an engineered plastic was provided to solve the maintenance headache …

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Lime Stone Plant – Coke Conveyor Upgrade

Problem: The Divine Sales team was challenged by a local distributor to solve some conveyor issues for one of their customers. They were struggling with material flow issues in existing chutes, spillage at conveyor transfer points, and extremely high dust emissions; all were very dangerous for on-site workers. Solution:  Divine made several visits to meet with …

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Bucket Elevator Boot Section

Problem: The customer was running a bucket elevator chain #ER833 with K2 attachments conveying wet, abrasive, and corrosive sugar.   They were adjusting the chain every week and would get 6-8 months of life before having to do a full chain replacement. Solution: Divine sat down with the customer listened to their issues, evaluated the problem, and ultimately …

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“Lamborghini” Green Scale Quality Idlers

Problem: The customer’s old scale frames were not reinforced and built to last in their harsh mining application. Since scale quality idlers must be built to a much tighter TIR than traditional idler rollers they are generally more expensive and thus it’s critical they be installed in the appropriate area within the conveyor system. Solution: Engineered and …

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Dust Collector Fan Housing Inspection Door

Problem: Old access door to the fan housing was bolted into place, which made access for maintenance difficult. Solution: Provided powder-coated access doors with re-greaseable hinges, bolt-on internal pan liners, and a positive spring-loaded latch. The handle was also given a locking pad for a lock-out tag-out procedure.

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