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Chicken Press

Industry: Food Application Issue/Problem:  This conveyor uses two modular belts (top and bottom belt) to press down chicken breasts.  Because of the pressure applied in this application, it would cause the acetal modular belts to stretch leading to premature failure. Solution:  Safari Ultra-Tuff series 150.  The Ultra-Tuff material provides superior strength and stretch resistance, improving …

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Outside Conveyor with Moisture Issues

INDUSTRY: Sand and gravel PROBLEM: Customer needed a solution for his outside conveyor, as the rollers were wearing prematurely due to moisture issues. SOLUTION: We supplied Luff rollers with our high-end technology- high moisture-sealed end cap and bearings. They are not experiencing the failures they were with our competition!

Replacing Manpower with an Overhead System

Problem: The customer was using manpower to move dies from shelves to machines. Not only was this expensive, but many injuries were occurring. Solution: We offered an overhead system to eliminate the use of manpower. No more injuries and this frees up the factory workers to do other things!

Paper Roll Transfer Belts

Problem: The Paper Roll belts were cracking and losing flexibility due to the harsh weather. Solution: We offered a covered mesh belt that is flexible, will withstand harsh weather, and last much longer! *This was a two-step process using a few of our Mfg. partners; synergy matters!

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