Case Studies

Seizing Rollers

Problem: Competition rollers were continuously failing due to the harsh environment of the fertilizer; the rollers flat spotted and the bearings continuously seized up.  Solution: We provided our rollers with SKF bearings, polymer endcaps, and heavy-duty construction. The rollers are no longer seizing or flat spotting, and they look great!! Industry: Fertilizer

Automated Belt Cleaning System for Food Plant

Industry:  Food Processing  Problem: The belt was very labor-intensive for the sanitation department to clean daily; creating too much downtime for this conveyor. Solution: We installed new technology in a Belt Cleaning System. This system enables the conveyor to run continuously without having to shut down for cleaning (and keeps the belt clean and dry). …

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Special Conveyor for Cut Vegetables

Industry:  Food Processing  Problem: The customer was using a modular conveyor belt with special attachments in a food environment on a vegetable cut line. Competitor’s product was breaking due to the impact and stress caused by the application, causing costly downtime. Solution: Safari provided this custom option with stainless attachments bolted to their Ultra-Tuff belting. …

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Jumping Belt

Industry: Food Processing Problem: Our customer was frustrated with their belt jumping and tracking during run time. Solution: We recognized that the sprockets were too close to the Z bend. We moved the sprockets to the proper spacing of 1/4″ and the belt ran like a champ!

Retrofitting Competitor Roller

Industry:  Manufacturing  Solution: Designed a “Retrofit” Roller that fits any of our competitor’s brackets or frames allowing ease of installation in the field complete with an industry leading 2 year warranty. Problem: Each Conveyor manufacturer has a slightly different broached shaft dimension or nut configuration on their rollers. This causes interchangeability issues between different manufacturers …

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Timing Belt and Drive Pulley Cost Savings

Problem: A food processing OEM was looking for a cost-saving solution to their current expensive vendor. Solution: Divine addressed the OEM’s issue of rising costs on timing belts and synchronous drive pulleys and were able to partner with our manufacturer to offer an overall cost-savings package. We looked at the yearly total spend and were …

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Safety Guarding

Problem: The original safety cover on a raft conveyor infeed needed replacement due to rust and sharp corners. Solution: We designed and fabricated a poly cover for the bottom of this conveyor, which will now withstand the chemicals of the pool and continue to protect the safety of the workers.

End of Life Conveyors

Problem: Customer had conveyors that were at the end of their life. They were corroded and falling apart, causing the plant downtime and costly maintenance to their components. Solution: Divine, in conjunction with BMH’s expertise, stepped in and offered a start-to-finish solution. We completely engineered, designed, built and installed several ash-handling conveyors throughout the plant. …

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