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These videos are intended for general guidance only, and must never be considered a substitute for advice /information given during in person field measurement and specific product information/training.  This information is for informational purposes only. Divine is not liable for any damages arising in measurement, injury, or otherwise from the use of these videos.

How to Measure a Bulk Material Handling Roller

Darryl and Larry Demonstrate How to Measure a Roller!

Divine Industrial Sales Ultra-Tuff Plastic Modular “Impact” Belt Test

Safari’s revolutionary Ultra Tuff belt resin is a true problem solver for tough applications. It offers superior chemical resistance withstanding constant exposure to PAA, sanitation, and processing chemicals. It is 250% more impact resistant than acetal and has exceptional wear & abrasion properties.

Luff’s High Moisture Sealed Roller In Action

Divine Industrial solved a wet and sticky problem by utilizing Luff’s high moisture sealed roller!

Log Infeed Drag Chain @ Pulp & Paper Mill

Divine Industrial’s drag chain application utilizing heavy chain with cast attachments!

Overhead Monorail Box Transfer Conveyor

Divine facilitated the design & install of this Richards Wilcox enclosed overhead monorail conveyor system in order to maximize floor space.

Black Oxide Dip Tank Process

Divine Industrial Sales helps customers choose black oxide as an inexpensive way to improve corrosion resistance and friction without chipping, flaking or causing dimensional changes!

Divine Industrial Sales- Measuring Ralphs-Pugh Unit Handling Rollers

Check out this key information for you to know when sizing a unit handling roller!

Food Processing

Luffs troughing idlers with high moisture seal/anti lock shields on the return idlers!

Food Processing- Potato Industry

These special formulated, high-wear, food grade sizers are triple the life of rubber ones typically seen installed. Divine solves problems by lowering overall maintenance costs!

Mining Sector Drop Test

A 20′ drop test showing the strength and resiliency of the mining sectors manufactured by Diversified Plastics!

High Moisture Sealed Roller vs the Competition

Solid Lube Bearings

Ralphs-Pugh Noise Reduction

Ralphs-Pugh Noise Reduction demo featuring The Silent Roller. The Silent Roller uses a Urethane Hex Shaft Adapter that will greatly reduce wear and noise on your conveyor system.

Easy Empty Container

An “Orange Box” demonstration video for the Easy Empty Container, a true self-dumping hopper. Call Divine if you are interested in learning more!

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