Power Transmission

End of Life Conveyors

Problem: Customer had conveyors that were at the end of their life. They were corroded and falling apart, causing the plant downtime and costly maintenance to their components. Solution: Divine, in conjunction with BMH’s expertise, stepped in and offered a start-to-finish solution. We completely engineered, designed, built and installed several ash-handling conveyors throughout the plant. …

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Competition Roller Failure

Problem: Plant personnel was complaining about having to hand-carry large and heavy steel rollers. Our competition designed an aluminum roller, thinking this would eliminate the issue. The problem was, the aluminum rollers failed prematurely, and caused a new issue in price and increased change out. Solution: We designed and field-tested a roller that provided an overall …

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Optimizing Through-Put (windows/doors)

Problem: A large manufacturer of window and door hardware was having issues maximizing their efficiency and throughput of the finished product. Solution: Divine helped layout an overhead monorail conveyor system where their product could be hung vertically, allowing maximum capacity and throughput. With the help of our monorail manufacturer, we successfully manufactured and installed the …

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Drive Pulley With Custom Tapered Shaft

Problem: Our Iron Ore mining customer was faced with replacing their main drive pulley, which has been in service for nearly 25 years. This drive pulley feeds iron ore for the entire plant and was critical to their daily production. Any downtime/problems with this pulley would cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production. …

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