Solving Material Spillage Issues

Problem: The customer was having material spillage issues at a transfer point on their conveyor system. Solution: Installed steel-backed canoe liner that is 1.5” thick and has slotted holes for adjustment vertically. The rubber-faced (or in some cases, urethane-faced – depending on the material being conveyed), takes the wear and abuse of the material being …

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Injection Molded Inspection Door

Problem: A large manufacturer of conveying equipment needed help reducing the overall manufacturing costs of their inspection doors. Solution: We identified a common inspection door size that would work for most all of their standard equipment.  With the help of our plastic manufacturer, we engineered a tool that could injection mold the assembly as well …

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Drive Pulley With Custom Tapered Shaft

Problem: Our Iron Ore mining customer was faced with replacing their main drive pulley, which has been in service for nearly 25 years. This drive pulley feeds iron ore for the entire plant and was critical to their daily production. Any downtime/problems with this pulley would cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production. …

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Special Bucket Elevator Chain

Problem: The customer was running a bucket elevator chain #ER833 with K2 attachments conveying wet, abrasive, and corrosive sugar.   They were adjusting the chain every week and would get 6-8 months of life before having to do a full chain replacement. Solution: Divine sat down with the customer listened to their issues, evaluated the problem, and ultimately …

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Enclosed Transfer Point On Belted Conveyor

Problem: The customer was having product spillage at a transfer point. Solution: Designed a retrofit, modular, maintenance-friendly, transfer point system.  We utilized our double lip skirt board with urethane seal and quick-release clamps for ease of maintenance and total sealing against the troughed belt.  We also supplied some components in stainless steel due to moisture which was …

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Urethane Carry Rollers

Problem: The OEM supplied steel carry rollers that supported the steel cable.  Over time, this created metal fretting; which caused the steel cable to fray. Solution: Given the large and heavy steel cable, we needed to create a rolling surface with dissimilar materials.  With the assistance of our factory engineers, we designed a solid steel roller mounted …

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