Designing Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Divine is here to support you from start to finish; listening and answering your questions to find a solution that solves your problem.

Educational Training Seminars
This is a great first step with us. We can come to your business and educate you on the products we offer, and how these products can benefit you in your current situation. We believe in hands on learning through various samples; this allows you to see the benefits of our product offerings first hand. This is a great opportunity to get your entire staff together to see how Divine can assist you.

Plant Surveys
After we have informed you of our product offerings, a plant survey allows us to see the trouble spots you are having and where we can best help you. We have the knowledge and expertise to field measure your application or trouble area, and ultimately, find a solution for your issue. Solving problems is truly what gets us excited about what we do!

Technical Installation & Support
Once the order arrives, we can assist you with onsite installation, instructions, and technical support. We can field any questions you may have about the products you purchased, and are also willing to work directly with your staff to ensure that our products are properly installed.

Seeing The Order Through
Once you have decided to place an order through Divine Industrial Sales with one of our represented principals, we will be with you every step of the way. We will make sure the order is accurate and gets properly entered at the factory, get you the confirming paperwork you need, help with shipping specifications, and make sure the order gets to your door when you need it! If in the event something does not work to your expectations, we are not going anywhere and will guarantee to solve or fix the problem to your complete satisfaction.

Years Of Experience And Reputation
We pride ourselves in the reputation we have developed over the years. Our longstanding, trusting relationships, and years of experience, have set us apart in the Manufacture’s Rep world. Our goal is to make your purchasing experience smooth and seamless. We look forward to assisting you with your current and future needs.

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