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Linking your problems to our manufacturers solutions.

At Divine Industrial Sales, We stand behind our motto:

“Treating you the way we would want to be treated.” Luke 6:31

We will help to find solutions to your problems, equipment for your needs, and cost savings for your bottom line; all done in a professional and timely manner.

What Our Customers Are Saying

As a trusted partner, Divine Industrial has been able to bring the depth of products and application experience needed to support the growing demands of my customers.   With our partnership with Divine, we have been able to go into my customers together and win new business through solving difficult application challenges.

Scott A.Local Distributor, Minneapolis MN

Divine Industrial Sales is a company I’d highly recommend to anyone looking to source the product lines they work with. The rep our company works with is very knowledgeable, goes above and beyond expectations to get our company the solutions we’re in need of, and is someone who has earned a lot of trust from standing behind his word. He’s been able to quote a solution for every problem application we’ve brought his way and handles his business the right way.

JackGreen Bay WI

I have been working with Dan at Divine Industrial sales for over 13 years and in this day and age you have to think outside the box, and that is what you get when you work with Dan at Divine Industrial sales. He is not a “me too” supplier, he looks for ways to improve your customer’s facility and be a problem solver. I know when I work with Dan, I am very confident that we will find a solution to my customer’s problems. This is why I love working with Divine Industrial sales.

Larry M.Branch Manager | Minneapolis, MN

I must say that Divine has been a great company for me to work with over the last two years. My representative Darryl has been the most wonderful representative to work with. The product lines they offer have been very helpful in making me successful with my job. Being a distributor, I have succeeded by extending my product lines that were very much needed in many of my accounts and we had no one to assist with these. We sell great products already and we have now extended that with the great products of Divine. I couldn’t be happier!

Larry D.Regional Account Manager l Appleton, WI

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