Lumber/Wood Processing

Gear Box and Screw Combo

Problem: The customer was experiencing gearbox failures every 6 months. Downtime and maintenance expenses were costly. Solution: We constructed and completely refurbished the entire shaftless screw conveyor set-up. Including a new shaftless screw with a trough and mount to accept the new drive. This eliminated all maintenance downtime; NO gearbox oil changes!

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Specialized Roller Reducing Product Contamination

Problem: Customer was using rollers with standard bearings on a paper tissue converting machine. Due to the speed, the grease was collecting, discoloring and escaping the end of the roll, leading to product contamination. Solution: We redesigned the roll with a special bearing that could handle the application while eliminating the lubrication issue.

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Urethane Chain Top Solution

Problem: Customer’s non-marking chain tops were prematurely failing due to tough seamer chain application. The rubber top sections would delaminate and wear away, resulting in downtime. Solution: The chain was redesigned and installed with high-ear urethane chain tops. The customer is extremely happy with the performance of the OEM chain.

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Wood/Pulp Mill-Engineered Dust Containment Equipment

Problem: OSHA is continuing its crackdown on combustible dust hazards. A Common issue in most pulp, paper, board, and plywood plants is the dust that is generated from the materials be conveyed in and through the plant. Solution: We engineered a chute to soft load the material on the conveyor which greatly reduces the velocity of air

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