Gear Box Solutions

Gear Box on Egg Shell Conveyor Line

Industry:  Food Processing  Problem: The synergy of our manufacturers often pulls us to various parts of a plant or application. In this particular case, we were working at the plant on conveyor belts, and through the course of asking lots of questions and measuring equipment we were introduced to a Boston conveyor Gearbox that was

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Food Plant Gear Box Solution

Problem: A bakery was rebuilding “ Food Duty” worm gearbox’s every 3-6 months; oil was leaking and causing contamination issues. Solution: Built and Supplied a 97% efficient, totally maintenance-free helical beveled gearbox in less than 1 week. This unit comes complete with washdown covers and is filled with synthetic food duty mobil oil. The lubrication is

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Gear Box and Screw Combo

Problem: The customer was experiencing gearbox failures every 6 months. Downtime and maintenance expenses were costly. Solution: We constructed and completely refurbished the entire shaftless screw conveyor set-up. Including a new shaftless screw with a trough and mount to accept the new drive. This eliminated all maintenance downtime; NO gearbox oil changes!

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