Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt- SideWinder

Problem: Traditional balance weave wire belts have been used for years throughout the automotive, baking, building products, carpet manufacturing, electronics, food processing, glass, poultry, and packaging industries. Existing wire belts have a very short life span, especially in heavy use areas.  They tend to stretch as they are a mostly friction driven conveyor set-ups; this takes a lot of wire tension to get the belt to drive properly, which tends to stretch the wire and wear the belt quickly.

Solution: Lumsden Corporation developed and patented the Sidewinder belt. This belt uses side flattened, shaped wire technology, which provides superior strength, greater open area, and dramatically longer belt life. The Sidewinder belt can be run with a sprocket drive, a friction drive, or a chain driven belt in any standard wire material. If you want a longer lasting belt to solve your wear life issues, Sidewinder is the answer!