Rubber Canoe Liner Install Solves Containment Sand & Gravel Issue

Problem: A very large sand and gravel mining operation was having issues with containing their product at a transfer point. For years they tried to solve this issue on their own by using various homemade rubber skirting but the belt crew doing maintenance in and around the transfer point were never satisfied with the containment of product.

Solution: A local distributor brought Divine into the account to walk the conveyors and make recommendations on how to help with some of the plants belt conveyor issues. Step 1 was to utilize 2” thick canoe liners with special cutouts for adjusting above the belt line.  Once an order was placed we provided an approval drawing, and worked closely with everyone involved to make the necessary dimension adjustments so it fit perfectly in the customers application.  After installation and several months of proving Phase I’s solution would work, phase II is to provide additional containment chutes above the liners. Working along side great distribution partners that are looking to help their customers is enjoyable to the Divine TEAM!